The streamWrapper class

(PHP 4 >= 4.3.2, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


Allows you to implement your own protocol handlers and streams for use with all the other filesystem functions (such as fopen(), fread() etc.).


This is NOT a real class, only a prototype of how a class defining its own protocol should be.


Implementing the methods in other ways than described here can lead to undefined behaviour.

An instance of this class is initialized as soon as a stream function tries to access the protocol it is associated with.


class streamWrapper {
/* 属性 */
public resource $context;
/* 方法 */
public __construct()
public dir_closedir(): bool
public dir_opendir(string $path, int $options): bool
public dir_readdir(): string
public dir_rewinddir(): bool
public mkdir(string $path, int $mode, int $options): bool
public rename(string $path_from, string $path_to): bool
public rmdir(string $path, int $options): bool
public stream_cast(int $cast_as): resource
public stream_close(): void
public stream_eof(): bool
public stream_flush(): bool
public stream_lock(int $operation): bool
public stream_metadata(string $path, int $option, mixed $value): bool
public stream_open(
    string $path,
    string $mode,
    int $options,
    ?string &$opened_path
): bool
public stream_read(int $count): string|false
public stream_seek(int $offset, int $whence = SEEK_SET): bool
public stream_set_option(int $option, int $arg1, int $arg2): bool
public stream_stat(): array|false
public stream_tell(): int
public stream_truncate(int $new_size): bool
public stream_write(string $data): int
public unlink(string $path): bool
public url_stat(string $path, int $flags): array|false
public __destruct()


resource context

The current context, or null if no context was passed to the caller function.

Use the stream_context_get_options() to parse the context.


This property must be public so PHP can populate it with the actual context resource.