The RarArchive class

(PECL rar >= 2.0.0)


This class represents a RAR archive, which may be formed by several volumes (parts) and which contains a number of RAR entries (i.e., files, directories and other special objects such as symbolic links).

Objects of this class can be traversed, yielding the entries stored in the respective RAR archive. Those entries can also be obtained through RarArchive::getEntry() and RarArchive::getEntries().


final class RarArchive implements Traversable {
/* 方法 */
public close(): bool
public getComment(): string
public getEntries(): array|false
public getEntry(string $entryname): RarEntry|false
public isBroken(): bool
public isSolid(): bool
public static open(string $filename, string $password = NULL, callable $volume_callback = NULL): RarArchive|false
public setAllowBroken(bool $allow_broken): bool
public __toString(): string