The ArrayObject class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


This class allows objects to work as arrays.


class ArrayObject implements IteratorAggregate, ArrayAccess, Serializable, Countable {
/* 常量 */
const int STD_PROP_LIST = 1;
const int ARRAY_AS_PROPS = 2;
/* 方法 */
public __construct(array|object $array = [], int $flags = 0, string $iteratorClass = ArrayIterator::class)
public append(mixed $value): void
public asort(int $flags = SORT_REGULAR): bool
public count(): int
public exchangeArray(array|object $array): array
public getArrayCopy(): array
public getFlags(): int
public getIteratorClass(): string
public ksort(int $flags = SORT_REGULAR): bool
public natcasesort(): bool
public natsort(): bool
public offsetExists(mixed $key): bool
public offsetGet(mixed $key): mixed
public offsetSet(mixed $index, mixed $newval): void
public offsetUnset(mixed $key): void
public serialize(): string
public setFlags(int $flags): void
public setIteratorClass(string $iteratorClass): void
public uasort(callable $callback): bool
public uksort(callable $callback): bool
public unserialize(string $data): void


ArrayObject Flags


Properties of the object have their normal functionality when accessed as list (var_dump, foreach, etc.).


Entries can be accessed as properties (read and write).