The Componere\Definition class

(Componere 2 >= 2.1.0)


The Definition class allows the programmer to build and register a type at runtime.

Should a Definition replace an existing class, the existing class will be restored when the Definition is destroyed.


final class Componere\Definition extends Componere\Abstract\Definition {
/* Constructors */
public __construct(string $name)
public __construct(string $name, string $parent)
public __construct(string $name, array $interfaces)
public __construct(string $name, string $parent, array $interfaces)
/* 方法 */
public addConstant(string $name, Componere\Value $value): Definition
public addProperty(string $name, Componere\Value $value): Definition
public register(): void
public isRegistered(): bool
public getClosure(string $name): Closure
public getClosures(): array
/* 继承的方法 */
public Componere\Abstract\Definition::addInterface(string $interface): Definition
public Componere\Abstract\Definition::addMethod(string $name, Componere\Method $method): Definition
public Componere\Abstract\Definition::addTrait(string $trait): Definition